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Project coordination - key factor of Czech participation in Horizon Europe programme
Project coordinators represent a significant part of the overall participation of the Czech Republic in the Horizon Europe programme. They account for about one sixth of the Czech participants in the projects of this programme. The poster presented by TC Prague analysts shows that the higher share of coordinators distinguishes the Czech Republic from other new EU Member States. The number of coordinators ranks the Czech Republic 14th among EU Member States and 1st among new EU Member States. The Czech Republic is the only one of the so-called widening countries that has managed to squeeze in among the research strong old EU Member States in terms of coordination intensity, i.e. the share of coordinators to all participants. In aggregate, Czech participants get through project coordination about half of the total EU contribution to the Czech Republic. For domestic higher education institutions and research institutions, project coordination brings about half of their net EU contribution, and for private companies about a third.
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